SEO Genie Automatically and dynamically optimize your website Pages!

Once the SEOgenie Plugin is installed on your web-server, it can automatically add the most effective Keywords & Phrases to relevant page metadata. No programming skills required!

SEOgenie utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology for automatic assignment (association) of the most effective Keywords (Phrases) to the relevant website pages according to the Keyword significance and SEO promotion Suitability.

This unique technology creates an automatic match between the Keywords and the relevant page content and metadata components for effective on page SEO implementation.

SEOgenie robust platform support unlimited numbers of websites, keywords and pages!

Auto assignment of multiple keywords/phrases to multiple pages according to their suitability

Only permitted, best practice White-Hat SEO techniques are applied!

Advanced assignment algorithms ensures only relevant and effective Keywords are assigned to pages!

Watch a Video on SEOgenie's automation functionality