Search engine optimization is so popular because it enables webmasters to get a great return on investment.

High rankings for the right keywords can have a big positive impact on your revenue.

Lets Take a Small Example:

Find the financial value of your keywords

1. Start a Google AdWords campaign for the keyword, select “exact match” and point the ad to the page on your website that is most relevant to the keyword.

2. Track the impressions and the conversion rate of the ad. To get useful data, you should track at least 500 clicks. With that data, you can make a guess about the value of a visitor that finds your website through that keyword.

Here’s a concrete example

* Your ad might have had 10,000 impressions during a week and 200 visitors have clicked the ad to visit your website.

* 6 of these visitors purchased something on your website and the total profit was $500.

The keyword delivered 200 visitors and 6 buyers to your website. As the total profit was $500, the average single visitor who finds your website through that keyword is worth $2.50 to your business (200 visitors created a profit of $500: $500/200 visitors = $2.50/visitor)………..
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